The Free Online Business Card Maker
business card maker

Steps to make your free business cards:

  1. Pick your business card design by browsing the designs to the left under the create business cards link to see thumbnails of all the styles.
  2. Choose the "full bleed" (image prints to the edge of card, 8 cards per page) or "no bleed" (white between cards, 10 cards per page) version of the style you have selected. Click here for examples of types of avery business card paper that work with our Business Card Maker.
  3. Choose “American” card size to make business cards that are 3.5” x 2” (Canada, U.S, Latin America) or choose “International” to make cards that are 85mm x 54mm (Europe and countries using ISO standard paper sizes).
  4. Enter the information you wish to include on your business cards, only checking the boxes of items you wish to use.
  5. Choose two colors and one background color to make a custom business card design.
  6. Make your PDF by choosing single or multiple  (8 or 10 cards per page depending on business card design), cutting guides or not, and selecting "Make PDF"

Most questions about making our free printable business cards using the business card maker are answered in the FAQs. Please email us or give us some feedback if your question is not answered.

Businesscardland hopes to provide an easy way to make free printable business cards. You can print your own business cards on an inkjet printer, using pre-cut Avery Business card paper or on your own paper using our cutting guides. Once you're done creating your custom business card design, simply click the "Make PDF" button, and a PDF document will be created of your printable business cards. Unlike other free business card software, our Business Card Maker allows you to make business cards online, and therefore works with both a Mac and a PC.  We also create our PDFs using the CMYK color space, which is required for full color business card printing by offset printing shops.

We also have a selection of pre-press ready free business card templates in Illustrator or Photoshop format, which you can download in single card layout for submitting to commercial printers, or try the 8 or 10 business cards per page layouts that are great for printing yourself. The free business card templates are a base to help you make business cards from scratch. In addition to the free business card templates, we hope to offer improvements on the online free business card software that allows users to upload a logo or image.

We've just added a Gift Tag Maker which offers a selection of free printable gift tags. You can assign up to 10 different recipients per page. The gift tags also print on standard Avery business card paper (or on your own paper with cutting guides).

We also recommend our sister site for an even easier way to make your own business cards.