Designing Your Cards

The business card template styles at Businesscardland offer the choice of "bleed" (where the image and background go all the way to the edge) and "no-bleed" (where the image does not go to the edge, and the background, if used, will have a white border).

When you are using pre-cut business card paper that has 10 cards per page, you should use the "no bleed" styles.  If you don't plan to use a background color (which will save a lot of your printer's ink), you might as well use these styles as well, as you get two more cards per page.

You should choose "full bleed" styles when you are using pre-cut business card paper that is called "print-to-the-edge" paper.  This paper has 8 cards per page and is made by Avery® and other manufacturers.  You can also use this style when you are cutting the cards out yourself on your own regular cardstock.

When designing your cards, keep in mind that you can use as many or as few of the information items on your card.  If you want, you can put your company's URL in the "tagline" section up top.  Or, if you card looks too crowded for your tastes, consider putting the Phone and Fax numbers on one line (Tel: 310 555-1212 / Fax: 310 555-1213) .

Adding a background can considerably add to the impact of the card, but keep in mind when printing on your own printer, this will use more ink.

Once you've finished designing your card, choose the "Make PDF / Print" tab from the Business Card Maker.  A PDF will launch in a new window (or you will be given a dialog box with the option to save the PDF to your computer if you don't have the Acrobat Reader configured in your browser).  Print this PDF on your choice of papers (we recommend using a test print on regular paper if you are using more expensive paper for your final cards, to ensure you are happy with the results).