Business Card Design Resources

Here are some great links to websites that offer something to help you design the perfect business card.  These resources are most helpful to people who are designing cards using their own software (Photoshop, Illustrator, Publisher, etc.)

The resources included here are all "free", but you should read the terms of use for each site.  These sites allow free usage for personal projects, but may have some restrictions for commercial use. 


Free Stock Photos and Backgrounds


Great photo sharing community site, with contributors from around the globe.  You can search by keyword and sort by popularity or downloads.  Most photos have no image usage restrictions.

The Morgue File

Another wonderful site for finding the perfect image for your business card background.  Lots to see.


Free Fonts


A nice shareware and freeware font site... not too many popups either.

Manfred Klein Fonteria

Here are the freeware fonts designed by Manfred Klien, some of which we use in our designs.

Free Gift Tag Resources

Creativity Portal

There are some nice free printable gift tags available at this site in the "Learn How" section of this site.